Swap, stake, deposit crypto assets on any protocol on any blockchain

Cross Chain crypto API platform

A robust suite of API's, SDKs and tools to create powerful cross-chain experiences.

Swing.xyz Partners
Swing.xyz Partners
30+ Blockchains. 100+ Bridges, DEXes, Staking protocols. One Integration.
We route liquidity from DEXes, Aggregators, bridges, staking and DeFi protocols
Streamline your UX with flexible designs while remaining compliant and in control.
Access hundreds of
liquidity sources
Go live instantly with a customizable widget or SDK
Supercharge your
cross-chain UX
Launch cross-chain swap and staking experiences in less than 3 lines of code.
Access all of DeFi liquidity through a single entry point. Swing securely connects many protocols and chains today and is built to connect thousands.
Accelerating developer connectivity to web3 liquidity markets
Swing Protocols supportes

We take care of the integrations. You own the rules

Easily configure multiple blockchains, bridges, DEXes, and DeFi protocols. Forego the DIY pitfall with a trusted plug-and-play cross-chain solution.

An Intelligent Cross-chain Liquidity Orchestrator

Always get the best rates for your users across chains, bridges, DEXes and DeFi protocols.

Boost protocol TVL with any token on any blockchain

Supercharge your TVL growth. We onboard liquidity directly into pools, vaults, and protocols from any token on any chain.

Designed by developers, for developers
Use general message passing to extend your capabilities by composing with any protocol on any blockchain.
Access boundless blockchain liquidity and tailor your app to prioritize output, latency and fulfillment trust.
A streamlined developer experience. Select between Swing's API, SDK, or widget for easy cross-chain access.
True Composability
Streamlined Value Transfer
Easy to Build On

Try it for yourself

Launch cross-chain experiences with 1 to 3 lines of code. Easily customize your widget UI and get access to all future features and integrations.

Get running with just 3 lines of code
Set up sophisticated rules for swaps & staking
Adjust and configure bridge & routing settings

Free your developer’s from time consuming integration and configuration. Instantly connect your dApp to the blockchain and scale with your users.
Monitor all data in Swing’s cross-chain dashboard
Choose what your users can send and receive. Configure your dApp to fit your need without touching any code.
Chain & Token Configuration
Enable or disable specific bridges with a simple toggle without touching any code. React to bridge security issues in seconds.
Bridge Configuration
Analyze and monitor real-time transaction data for your dApp including volume, transactions, unique wallets, top token pairs, bridges and more.
Metrics Dashboard
Collect fees up to 10% of your dApp's transaction volume. Monitor revenue, fees balance and withdraw collected fees in the Swing Platform.
Monetize your dApp
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Free your developer’s from time consuming integration and configuration. Instantly connect your dApp to the blockchain and scale with your users.
A simplified cross-chain developer experience
Start building your web3 World
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