Easily connect your dApp to cross-chain liquidity from bridges, blockchains with just a few lines of code.

Build a cross-chain
with ease.

Swing SDK

We streamline complex transfer steps so you can execute cross-chain with just one command.

10X your cross-chain development

Without Swing

With Swing

A one-stop-shop for access to dozens of blockchains, bridges and liquidity sources from one place.
Remove the complexity of going cross-chain
Chain agnostic smart routing
Access thousands of stable-coins and tokens from any supported chain via Swing's smart routing.
Bridge and swap
We find the best routes across all supported bridges, DEX aggregators and DEXes - our protocol does it all.
Access all visual customizations. Easily build a UI that matches your company or web app's brand and style.
Manage your integration with the Swing Platform
Choose what your dApp users can send and receive. Configure your dApp to fit your need with just a few clicks.
Chain & Token Configuration
Choose what your dApp users can send and receive. Configure your dApp to fit your need with just a few clicks.
Chain & Token Configuration
Enable or disable specific bridges with a simple toggle. React to bridge security issues in seconds.
Bridge Configuration
Track data for your dApp including transactions, volume, top token pairs and bridges.
Track Metrics
Use Cases
Multi-chain Wallets
Swap and bridge any assets between any supported chains without leaving your wallet.
DEX & Liquidity Aggregators
Bridge any asset from any supported chain directly inside your application.
NFT Marketplaces
Purchase an NFT with any asset on any supported chain directly inside your app.
Access trusted volume from Swing's dApp partner ecosystem.
GameFi & Metaverse
Bridge assets and data from any supported chain directly inside your game.
Bridge liquidity to your chain or token from any EVM or non-EVM assets.
Swing Benefits
Reduce time to market
Achieve faster GTM and focus on building your product. We take care of the complexity of going and staying cross-chain.
Eliminate bridge maintenance
Avoid costly and ongoing bridge integrations. Swing maintains all on-going integrations so you don't have to.
Increase liquidity - lower friction
Offer a wide range of assets and drive faster adoption. Swing aggregates deep liquidity across bridges, DEXes and aggregators.
Dozens of lines of code are reduced to a single request - let’s take a look at how easy your life will be with the Swing SDK.
How the Swing SDK Works
  1. Install the SDK
Install the Swing SDK using your favorite package manager.
2. Configure the SDK
Setup the SDK and create a new Swing SDK Client.
3. Connect a wallet
The Swing SDK connects to a wallet to streamline your development time.
Get full setup instructions in the Swing Docs
4. Find Available Routes
Swing will request and search all available routes for a given token transfer.
5. Start the transfer
Use the same transfer parameters used to find a route to begin a transfer.
6. Complete the transfer
Empower your team with analytics, tracking and performance updates.
Not sure what integration is best for you? We have options to suite your dApp.
Explore Swing's options
Start Building
Swing Widget
Launch cross chain applications with just a few lines of code.
Start Building
Swing SDK
Build a custom UI in minutes using the Swing SDK.
Start Building
Swing API
Build a fully custom UI and use the Swing API endpoints to power cross-chain.
Build cross-chain dApps with Swing
Schedule a demo or explore the Swing docs to get started.